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  2. The NEW Perpetual Pictures thread
  3. Banned Skittles Commercial
  4. White House Responds to Petition to Construct the Death Star
  5. Toyota Fun Vii
  6. Hilarious bad lip reading of the NFL
  7. Jack Pot!
  8. Meanwhile in Battlefield 3
  9. #YOLO Bitches
  10. Flying Tank
  11. Battlefield 4
  12. Thought I would share this one
  13. Flower Warfare (Shits Funny lol)
  14. Rage Quits
  15. Bitch slapped
  16. Is this anyone you know ?
  17. Kai!!!!!!!!
  18. Cool shit
  19. Water Repelent
  20. Montana TV Station Worker Issues Zombie Alert
  21. Everyone Check this out
  22. Children of the Eighties
  23. Unbelieveable video
  24. Gotta love windows in the winter.
  25. Harlem Shake
  26. For Tuggin
  27. Ridiculous!!
  28. PETA Protesting "Zerglings have feelings, too!"
  29. For the Ladies
  30. My contribution to April Fools
  31. Cool StumbleUpon Finds!!!
  32. P.E.N.I.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  33. Guy on a Buffalo
  34. All us men can relate to this i garentee it.
  35. Ever done acid?
  36. Car Jacking and Drive by Shootings in Tennessee
  37. Goodwill
  38. This is The End.
  39. Bismarck KFYR News Anchor Accidentally Curses On Air
  40. 5-0 better not touch my shi...
  41. A gymnast you say....
  42. Dat ass.
  43. Children these days.
  44. Just call the Police for me...
  45. Not sure if this is a normal amount. Someone explain if possible
  46. Battlefield 4 Multiplayer gameplay (if you havnt seen it already)
  47. No HOMO!!!
  48. Pregnancy Fail
  49. This one's for dogger
  50. Youtube Find: Driving Stoned... with Science!
  51. This is the most horrifying thing I've seen all month
  52. News station tricked into reading out fake names
  53. Have a laugh! Extreme Twitching Video
  54. The Serial Deucer
  55. Hilarious Magic Trick!
  57. Yikes
  58. Scientifically Accurate Duck Tales **NSFW**
  59. Ode to TBagz
  60. Its what ya dont see that could kill ya
  61. Got a lite ?
  62. Who Am I
  63. Interesting conversation I had...
  64. Warning
  65. If you must bootleg fireworks, at least record it!
  66. BAM! Nut shot!
  67. Action Bronson tearing it up at an old folks home
  68. Check this Evil pimp fail lol
  69. some more funny stuff
  70. Had to share this one
  71. From The Movie Strange Wilderness...
  73. cool and funny
  74. Still brings tears to my eye
  75. Jus for Shits N Giggles
  76. Shits an Giggles 2
  77. Dunked on!!
  78. Hadji Girl
  79. This is such my cat
  80. It's Business TIME!
  81. Give me my Mother F***ing McNuggets
  82. Krazy Cowboy's mom should have eaten fewer chicken wings.
  83. OutLast (Horror Game)
  84. You never know what you will see......
  85. Watch till the end lmao
  86. Car accidents and voice mail
  87. I need a "bambulance"
  88. Dying Light
  89. Truth? lol.
  90. Bad for worker....good for business.
  91. Damn Japan keepin it real
  92. Game of Thrones Parody
  93. Let's not play Need for Speed: Rivals
  94. Wow Wow Wow WOOOOOOW
  95. Stripper gets stuck behind lockers (NSFW)
  96. For my homies...
  97. Now this some funny shit.
  98. If you've ever wondered. Here you go.
  99. For all who were there.
  100. Robocop alternate scene(don't think i wanna see the movie now)
  101. Now this is some AWESOME editing!