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Our mission and goal is to provide a place where gamers from all over the world, of all calibers, can meet in a friendly and fun atmosphere and gain values such as friendship, and to many of us, family.

This clan's foundation rests on honor, loyalty, and integrity. This is what we build upon. We put heavy emphasis on maturity, fair play, helping others, and having a fun and competitive gaming experience for all to enjoy.

What follows is the product of many months of on and off discussions, with many members, and many hours of thought and research. This is a true reorganization of this Clan. This is being done for the following four reasons: 1) To provide clan membership with more active "leaders" to help solve and resolve any problems. 2) To create landmarks for our membership to use for advancement with in our family. 3) To create a more just system for entering into this clan, but also, advancement with in this clan. 4) To provide a atmosphere where the clan runs the clan, not just a few members.

With that said, we are proud to present to the clan our new structure!

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"Employee" of the Month
The "Employee" of the Month is the member that has shown the highest level of dedication to the clan and its success for the previous month. EotM's can be nominated by any officer of the clan and are selected by majority vote.

Requirements: Clan membership. Clan Directors and above are not eligible.

There are currently no members that hold this rank.

A ]big[ (Recruit) is someone who shows the potential to be a full fledged member of the ]BIG[ clan. They know and understand mature gaming. They show they have the potential to Admin any of the games that we play. They are held to a higher standard whether in game on one of our servers or when pubbing. After a period of time spent learning the ways of ]BIG[, they will be evaluated on an ongoing basis. When they show they are ready and have met the membership requirements, they will be invited to join the clan.

Requirements: Submit application and interview with a ]BIG[R.

There are currently no members that hold this rank.

A Community Member is a person who has learned and shown the ability to support the ways of ]BIG[. They have seen and learned how to handle most in game situations. As they grow and mature in our ]BIG[ Family, select members will have the ability to use in game commands to enforce the rules for a given server. These members have read and signed off on our rules and regulations and are full members of the clan.

Requirements: Show at least 25 hours on ]BIG[ servers to be able to move from recruit to member. Create a Steam and Game Tracker account and link all of your accounts to it. Show active on forums and have at least 20 posts that are not considered spam. Show active participation in TeamSpeak

ACeZ, AgentArt, alkowa, Babyglobber, Breaker223, CoKaKola, CowOfMoo, CrashSaikyo, CtrlAltDel7, DangerDudesDad, DarkJester, Darvatron, Deacon Frost, Deptacon, Dragons, dyerpunk, e3joker, EatSleepAttack, Eightbits, evilpimp, faithlesssoul, Fidel, Fittedkarma81, GunPaladin, GX-55, iseeu2, johnnytron92, JustTMB, Landscape Escape, LoOsEnUtZ, LxixDude, Malfus, Mayhem, Multrum, Neptite, Outcast Angel, Pfc. Gray, Plopster, PRiMAL_KiLL, scjensen, scorpion15, Seventh Act, ShoobieDooby, ShortyH420, Shubster, Sir Provocateur, SLASH, Space Pope, Stumpee419, Superbacon99999, SwampAzz, Ted.Danson, Trimen_Ranger, yel4rebel, yippyeffinskipp

Community Staff is an administrative work horse. This rank is gained by those who have both the time and skills to keep up with administrative demands. Rank does not hold any major power over others. Any member is eligible for this rank as long as they have shown an exceptional level of dedication to the growth and success of this organization. Very high expectations are held for any person in this rank. Duties MUST be performed up to standards and in a timely manner.

Requirements: Appointment ONLY by clan leaders, no requests. Appointment will be based on individuals capabilities and strive to help ]BIG[. Must put forth continued effort or will be removed from position.

doger1956, flashmc, GUNNERNAUGHT, ratfart

A ]BIG[A (Adviser) has mastered the ways of ]BIG[ gaming styles. Not only will they have in game commands, they also have access to higher gaming commands. They have the ability to sort out any in game situation. While they have no direct responsibility for a ]BIG[ or a ]big[, they are expected to do their best to teach our ways to them.

Requirements: 90 days in clan, min donations total of $20, must be active in our servers and on our website, must respond to all admining information forums (stickys). 75 hours or more logged in our servers idle or playing. Which will be tracked through To maintain this level with in the Clan Structure they must show that they have an active, ongoing interest in the servicing and populating of our clan servers. Advisers must enforce clan polices and put forth continued effort or may be removed from position.

There are currently no members that hold this rank.

A ]BIG[R (Recruiting Adviser) is the directly responsible for all recruits in their division. They are the primary recruiters for the clan. They have the responsibility of teaching a recruit everything they can about what it means to be BIG. Recruiting Advisers will spend as much time as possible counseling/mentoring recruits. They are in charge of developing recruits into BIG material. This promotion is made by senior management. Each Division has 1 Recruiting Adviser.

There are currently no members that hold this rank.

A group of 4 members who are responsible for the direction and inter-personality of the community

jesus juice, Rainmyst, Reddek, TugginMyPudah


There are currently no members that hold this rank.

VP & CFO. Members in this rank have earned the ultimate level of trust from the Founder. Members in this rank are able to access everything from the website to gaming servers to financial accounts.


Founder – Nuff said.



There are currently no members that hold this rank.

A ]BIG[! is 2Pwn 2Platoon Tokyo Drift

There are currently no members that hold this rank.


There are currently no members that hold this rank.

***This organization's success depends on the financial support of its members. We strongly encourage all members to donate. We understand specific financial situations, but continued lack of contribution will result in a re-evaluation of a members rights and/or membership.***

Visual Representation
Visual Representation
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