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New 05-10, 15:56
pc finally back up I think anyway
New 04-16, 23:38
Happy Easter Yall, and the new KF2 server is up!
New 04-16, 19:44
hoping to have the other server going shortly loading maps now
New 04-16, 19:44
happy easter
New 04-16, 13:47
New 04-04, 19:20
New 04-04, 17:33
It went throuigh
New 04-04, 15:54
just tried donating some cash hope it went through
New 03-31, 19:33
been having issues this week myself havent been on much at all
New 03-31, 02:22
i am not home till after 5pm arizona time most of the time
New 03-30, 16:59
Nobodies been on vent the past few times ive been on bf1. where ya'll at?!
New 03-23, 22:07
Hope someone likes that new kf2 map I think it sucks
New 03-14, 18:43
working on getting mine set up here even if I have to sit on my bed to play
New 03-14, 00:55
the past few weeks been hell guys, trying to get everything done for my office that was my daughter room her and her dog jacked it up bad.
New 03-14, 00:53
we need you here shorty, dont forget we all love ya bro.
New 03-13, 17:14
on laptop maybe will get my pc back up if I can find a place I can have my dog that I can afford not looking good tho
New 02-28, 01:43
actually dont have to claim first so its up
New 02-28, 01:38
BF3 server is set up with procon running will claim and put banner up in the morning was a few in earlier when I was going to do it
New 02-27, 14:51
I'll probably donate some when I get home later
New 02-27, 14:49
A couple weeks I guess lol says by the 10th but who know
New 02-27, 00:47
The Donate botton is fixed and can donate to the ]BIG[ account now. Please do donate We do not operate on hopes and dreams.
New 02-27, 00:32
how long before you get your PC?
New 02-26, 17:55
I'll be getting bf1 for my pc and i got a free copy of wildlands with the pc so those 2 games ill probably be playing a lot when i first get it lol.
New 02-26, 17:54
I got it off of that cyberpowerpc site lol i had already been looking at them for a couple weeks before you posted that link ill post some pictures and the specs of it once i get it in. i probably wont have to buy a new computer for a long time though.
New 02-25, 22:46
what did ya order shoobie?
New 02-25, 22:42
I really need to get a new pc too, mine came of the Ark lol, sadly it will need to wait a while
New 02-24, 11:09
Got my computer ordered I'll be back soon fellas
New 02-23, 18:31
All I do is build PC got 3 in the mix right now any questions let me know.
New 02-23, 02:15
Dinos knows his stuff, he helped me get most of mine together, still need to find a good motherboard + processor
New 02-23, 00:35
that should prolly do ya shoobie, or you can talk to me about a DIY biuld.
New 02-23, 00:34
New 02-22, 11:09
Honestly im not sure lol, ive never really been to tech savy so ill be asking somebody for help or for some advice on what to get or where to do it. Ill have about 3k to spend though.
New 02-21, 22:01
guessing your planing on a ryzen build?
New 02-21, 22:00
kool beanz shoobie
New 02-21, 15:21
Hey guys, ill most likely be getting a new computer within these next few weeks and ill be able to be on again, my computer i have just cant cut it anymore and cant handle any of these new games lol.
New 01-30, 20:11
Thanks Mayhem
New 01-30, 20:11
Its ALIVE!!!
New 01-30, 11:20
thanks Mayhem
New 01-30, 07:44
Thank you again Mayhem
New 01-30, 07:43
sweet back up again
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