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New 02-25, 22:42
I really need to get a new pc too, mine came of the Ark lol, sadly it will need to wait a while
New 02-24, 11:09
Got my computer ordered I'll be back soon fellas
New 02-23, 18:31
All I do is build PC got 3 in the mix right now any questions let me know.
New 02-23, 02:15
Dinos knows his stuff, he helped me get most of mine together, still need to find a good motherboard + processor
New 02-23, 00:35
that should prolly do ya shoobie, or you can talk to me about a DIY biuld.
New 02-23, 00:34
New 02-22, 11:09
Honestly im not sure lol, ive never really been to tech savy so ill be asking somebody for help or for some advice on what to get or where to do it. Ill have about 3k to spend though.
New 02-21, 22:01
guessing your planing on a ryzen build?
New 02-21, 22:00
kool beanz shoobie
New 02-21, 15:21
Hey guys, ill most likely be getting a new computer within these next few weeks and ill be able to be on again, my computer i have just cant cut it anymore and cant handle any of these new games lol.
New 01-30, 20:11
Thanks Mayhem
New 01-30, 20:11
Its ALIVE!!!
New 01-30, 11:20
thanks Mayhem
New 01-30, 07:44
Thank you again Mayhem
New 01-30, 07:43
sweet back up again
New 01-16, 20:34
yes mayhem is da bomb
New 01-16, 20:09
Mayhem for president!
New 01-16, 19:21
Thank you Mayhem
New 01-13, 21:46
Hi Fredface, great to see you back, pop into vent when you have time
New 01-13, 18:46
be on vent around 9:30pmCT
New 01-13, 01:57
New 01-12, 02:30
nope PC only here
New 01-11, 16:04
any wii u owners?
New 01-11, 15:42
New 01-10, 18:27
If i see ppl on vent ill hop on but i mainly see ppl i dont know lol.
New 01-09, 21:02
be on there soon at sschool
New 01-09, 18:38
vent works bro
New 01-09, 18:29
ooo yaaaa got my laptop bk
New 01-09, 18:18
New 01-09, 18:09
Body Count - The Gears of War
New 01-09, 17:47
how much is it all together to keep this all running?
New 01-09, 16:21
till the botton is fixed please donate through paypal
New 01-02, 00:24
Happy New Year Yall!
New 01-01, 16:33
New 01-01, 10:22
Happy New Year Everyone; I am done with my MBA finally so GAME ON!!!!!!!!!
New 01-01, 06:00
Happy New Year all, stay safe
New 12-25, 23:02
Merry christmas guys!
New 12-25, 21:17
Merry Christmas ya'll
New 12-25, 18:30
Merry Christmass!
New 12-25, 12:22
Merry Christmas
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