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New 10-08, 23:35
hope nothing too bad happened your way shorty
New 10-08, 16:36
finally got power back
New 10-08, 13:58
New 10-06, 20:10
Matthew needs to go back to where he came from tired of gettin this wet
New 10-05, 22:40
Unknown EA hasn't released any information on Server Hosting. It appears they may be pulling a Battlefront on us again.
New 10-05, 18:42
Hey yall, LTNS. Yall gonna have BF1 servers?
New 10-05, 15:57
Need a longboard the way it looks.....
New 09-28, 23:45
im on vent if anyone want to talk
New 09-27, 20:48
when is gun going to get into vent?
New 09-11, 13:35
Tired of these noobs ruining rounds under lvl 5 is subject to be kicked
New 09-04, 22:06
New 08-31, 13:27
Origin got hacked if we are no longer friends send me a new request. I think I got all the active people.
New 08-30, 13:56
Will be active tomorrow for everyone else
New 08-30, 13:55
Battlefield 1 open beta should be active for the battlefield insiders thatt suscribed befor 8 21 2016. Today at 4 pm pst.
New 08-29, 15:11 Can You Launch Vehicles in BF1?
New 08-29, 14:53
New 08-28, 14:54
GameStop has Doom on weekly sale 19.99 if anyone has been waiting for it to go on sale
New 08-27, 15:24
video changes on the latest patch suck. will not be playing until something else changes
New 08-27, 13:15
Deleted KF2
New 08-20, 15:30
connection issues suck monkey balls
New 08-17, 23:30
KF2 server is reset back to normal (not the beta), Shorty did it but im posting the info
New 08-13, 18:28
KF2 updated to beta until any issues
New 08-05, 10:18
Cool would love to find me another lazy boly like I have but they are scarce
New 08-04, 21:48
I get my DX Racer charin tomrrow Woop Woop
New 08-03, 20:29
was hoping to find overwatch servers atm you cant rent them go figure
New 07-31, 01:17
well the 4yr old got ahold of my key board while i was afk a few lol
New 07-31, 00:38
New 07-31, 00:38
New 07-31, 00:38
New 07-30, 23:55
shit we been dealing with 105+ and 40%+ humidity
New 07-27, 08:41
not even 10AM and already 95 heat index might be a lil warm today
New 07-24, 12:23
lack of meds sucks
New 07-08, 18:11
Fucking EA/Dice once again i didn't get the Alpha invite
New 07-07, 21:12 bf1 alph live on twitch
New 06-30, 17:55
shhhhhh were hiding
New 06-30, 13:21
someone is here..?
New 06-29, 17:05
We setup a Hardcore Bolt Snipers Server; Last night we were able to Pop it up to 6-8 players. Lets go for Full.
New 06-24, 21:28
greetings... this is my first post at all on this website, im Plinko from killin floor 2 (aka Xubrik/Xubrinks)
New 06-21, 15:30
Limbo free on steam today if anyone is interested
New 06-20, 14:07
halfway figured the update out main issue to many playing sharpshooter not whats needed
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