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New 05-26, 22:10
I am one whom does
New 05-26, 22:08
Does anyone give a shit about )BIG( anymore?
New 04-16, 13:47
New 03-31, 02:22
i am not home till after 5pm arizona time most of the time
New 03-14, 00:55
the past few weeks been hell guys, trying to get everything done for my office that was my daughter room her and her dog jacked it up bad.
New 03-14, 00:53
we need you here shorty, dont forget we all love ya bro.
New 02-27, 00:47
The Donate botton is fixed and can donate to the ]BIG[ account now. Please do donate We do not operate on hopes and dreams.
New 02-27, 00:32
how long before you get your PC?
New 02-25, 22:46
what did ya order shoobie?
New 02-23, 00:35
that should prolly do ya shoobie, or you can talk to me about a DIY biuld.
New 02-23, 00:34
New 02-21, 22:01
guessing your planing on a ryzen build?
New 02-21, 22:00
kool beanz shoobie
New 01-16, 20:34
yes mayhem is da bomb
New 01-09, 18:38
vent works bro
New 01-09, 16:21
till the botton is fixed please donate through paypal
New 12-11, 13:38
6 days left for the contest folks get to posting in the forums. so i can have winners
New 12-08, 01:19
"]BIG[ MELEE only" in the search tab
New 12-08, 01:18
Battlefield 1 server is rented for 7 days melee only shorty, redneck, type1 get it poped
New 11-24, 13:27
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to each and every one of you, have a safe and happy holiday
New 11-24, 04:25
good to see you in here bruh
New 11-17, 22:21
New 11-17, 22:21
New 11-09, 20:35
doom is up for grabs folks read the thread win an copy of doom
New 10-25, 01:02
BF1 is great fatboy, loving it a lot
New 10-17, 21:09
1 hour 50 min. let the count down begin for BF1
New 10-14, 00:57
DL time for BF1 tomorrow
New 10-14, 00:56
shoobie if no one is there, someone will be along. no worries to that my friend
New 09-27, 20:48
when is gun going to get into vent?
New 08-30, 13:56
Will be active tomorrow for everyone else
New 08-30, 13:55
Battlefield 1 open beta should be active for the battlefield insiders thatt suscribed befor 8 21 2016. Today at 4 pm pst.
New 07-31, 01:17
well the 4yr old got ahold of my key board while i was afk a few lol
New 07-31, 00:38
New 07-31, 00:38
New 07-31, 00:38
New 07-30, 23:55
shit we been dealing with 105+ and 40%+ humidity
New 05-25, 08:45
welcome back mark
New 05-23, 00:56
damn shorty be working his ass off
New 04-28, 01:14
happy birth day GOONIE
New 04-25, 09:59
happy birthday doger
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