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New 02-25, 22:42
I really need to get a new pc too, mine came of the Ark lol, sadly it will need to wait a while
New 01-30, 11:20
thanks Mayhem
New 01-13, 21:46
Hi Fredface, great to see you back, pop into vent when you have time
New 01-13, 01:57
New 01-01, 06:00
Happy New Year all, stay safe
New 11-26, 16:35
Shorty can you come in vent mate plz
New 10-29, 17:16
would need to upgrade my pc to play BF1, have not seen anything that would warant spending that amount of cash to play it
New 05-23, 23:16
good to have you back Mark
New 05-22, 19:04
new headset up and running, thank fe#k
New 05-15, 02:25
Headset still not working, trying to get it done for tonite
New 05-11, 22:24
you should get a job as an agony aunt for gamers, looks like you got it all figured out, thank you for your help :]
New 04-25, 22:15
am I seeing RED or is it just too much drink :]
New 04-25, 10:01
cheers mate
New 04-25, 09:58
thanks mate
New 04-25, 09:46
Cheers bro
New 04-23, 19:04
lets get this show on the road
New 04-17, 13:07
New 04-05, 19:31
New 02-20, 19:11
again, on the Knp server, no-one there !!!
New 02-19, 23:27
in there now, no one else on
New 01-25, 22:46
Happy Birthday Juice, have a good one
New 12-31, 21:31
Happy New Year , Happy Birthday ]BIG[ 9 years Old Today
New 12-31, 21:30
SLAINTE,,,Alba Gu Brąth.
New 11-21, 09:36
Hi there LT, how you doing bud ? hope you are well
New 10-29, 00:24
welcome back Shoobie
New 10-05, 14:19
Happy birthday Joe, have a great day
New 09-12, 17:08
this place is like a zombie forum, everyone is dead or dying, wtf thas happended to ]BIG[
New 08-15, 12:00
so I need a moderator to approve my post now ? wtf is that all about
New 07-16, 10:46
anyone up for some gaming Sat night ?
New 05-23, 16:15
good to have you around mate, pop into teamspeak if you get time, congrats on having your son, very happy for you
New 05-22, 22:19
Whats up Dino. its been a long time mate
New 04-02, 22:08
Don't know who is doing approval , may need to give Joe a call
New 03-05, 20:47
Cheers Mayhem ☺
New 03-04, 23:35
mic ok now Tug
New 03-04, 16:10
It's even working on my phone ☺


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