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New 06-20, 19:36
Special thanks to Shorty for fixing the KF2 servers!
New 06-18, 21:36
Happy Father's Day to yall
New 06-14, 20:59
send via paypal to
New 05-27, 00:10
I do, just haven't been on the site this past week
New 04-16, 23:38
Happy Easter Yall, and the new KF2 server is up!
New 04-04, 17:33
It went throuigh
New 02-23, 02:15
Dinos knows his stuff, he helped me get most of mine together, still need to find a good motherboard + processor
New 01-30, 20:11
Thanks Mayhem
New 01-30, 20:11
Its ALIVE!!!
New 01-12, 02:30
nope PC only here
New 01-02, 00:24
Happy New Year Yall!
New 12-25, 18:30
Merry Christmass!
New 12-13, 20:37
Vent server is down
New 11-11, 16:34
New 10-29, 21:08
I need to upgrade my PC anyway so i might as well do it that will let me play BF1
New 08-17, 23:30
KF2 server is reset back to normal (not the beta), Shorty did it but im posting the info
New 05-25, 19:32
welcome back and hello from the new guy


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