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New 04-11, 16:20
Hory shit! Angera!
New 04-09, 15:53
with rainbow flag
New 04-09, 15:53
New 04-09, 11:02
What is BIG's COC clan named??? I cannot find
New 04-09, 11:02
Herro everyone
New 04-03, 07:06
Read my post please
New 04-02, 22:08
Don't know who is doing approval , may need to give Joe a call
New 04-02, 21:14
jesus is the juiciest
New 04-02, 21:05
Who is on donation approval duty? We need them approved for the amounts to display.
New 04-02, 19:32
Be back tomorrow; Completing my project final.
New 04-01, 08:26
ps i heart you
New 04-01, 08:25
were good now its there
New 03-29, 17:38
Double XP....lets pop some servers tonight. I will stay idle in one until I get back from dinner
New 03-29, 13:40
Thank You for your donation Deptacon
New 03-29, 00:18
Thank you Ctrl for your donation
New 03-28, 22:34
jesus juice, shoot me a screenshot of your homepage
New 03-27, 17:55
Is anyone else not seeing it?
New 03-27, 17:54
It's there for me
New 03-27, 07:24
donate button lost forever...
New 03-26, 22:50
my interent has acted wierd a few times.
New 03-26, 21:56
Haven't noticed anything out of the norm
New 03-26, 20:45
Has anyone in the U.S. been seeing cell/Internet disruption? The solar storm has been playing hell here in Brazil this week
New 03-25, 21:40
Check out our Giveaway post and Register to Win
New 03-24, 13:03
It was pretty fun last night
New 03-23, 22:32
New Hardline Server. ]BIG[ Car Jack 24/7 Hotwire
New 03-23, 12:43
tell em Dep. I demand blood.
New 03-23, 11:17
I leave you guys unsupervised for 3 days and the servers are empty.....-5 points for all of you.
New 03-23, 07:32
mmmmmmm spoon me like we're in the drawer....but no forking
New 03-23, 00:37
i can come spoon with you. Im qualified to be both the big and little spoon
New 03-23, 00:36
tuggin, you still sick?
New 03-23, 00:36
awwwwwww yyyeeeeaaaahhhhh
New 03-22, 21:26
I have been sick as a dog this weekend. I'll be back Monday.
New 03-20, 16:02
Thanks for your help Mayhem
New 03-19, 13:33
Server list updated
New 03-18, 19:54
You also need the new version of ProCon
New 03-18, 18:03
Tugg.....Server aint showing up
New 03-18, 13:25
First thoughts are hardline is not yiur typical BF game. Its like a large scale squad deathmatchh with objectives... You have to work together like in SQD so it makes it more fun to play online with others in voice than previous BF
New 03-18, 10:11
I agree Dep it was an eerie feeling for an EA/Origin game. LOL.
New 03-18, 05:49
very strange.... hardline appears to have no glitches or bugs
New 03-17, 23:16
Tuggin, I need your email
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