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New 01-09, 18:29
ooo yaaaa got my laptop bk
New 01-09, 18:18
New 01-09, 18:09
Body Count - The Gears of War
New 01-09, 17:47
how much is it all together to keep this all running?
New 01-09, 16:21
till the botton is fixed please donate through paypal
New 01-02, 00:24
Happy New Year Yall!
New 01-01, 16:33
New 01-01, 10:22
Happy New Year Everyone; I am done with my MBA finally so GAME ON!!!!!!!!!
New 01-01, 06:00
Happy New Year all, stay safe
New 12-25, 23:02
Merry christmas guys!
New 12-25, 21:17
Merry Christmas ya'll
New 12-25, 18:30
Merry Christmass!
New 12-25, 12:22
Merry Christmas
New 12-24, 23:59
Merry Christmas All
New 12-23, 12:56
Dont delete Steam like I did its their servers down. I get to reinstall everything after they get them going I guess
New 12-19, 00:00
11 more days until i complete my MBA
New 12-13, 21:43
its back up
New 12-13, 20:37
Vent server is down
New 12-11, 13:38
6 days left for the contest folks get to posting in the forums. so i can have winners
New 12-10, 23:21
its done through EA; they don't want clans anymore
New 12-10, 11:40
gametracker doesnt have bf1 servers listed yet. was going to put the banner up but origins tracker not even working
New 12-10, 11:30
30% off on origin right now :D got me ultimate bf1 for $90
New 12-08, 21:51
Awesome Dino
New 12-08, 21:34
doing major clean up on my pc will have to reinstall everything after a few more scans are done hoping not to reformat
New 12-08, 09:34
seriously considering control panel, remove programs, uninstall interest in anything lately
New 12-08, 01:19
"]BIG[ MELEE only" in the search tab
New 12-08, 01:18
Battlefield 1 server is rented for 7 days melee only shorty, redneck, type1 get it poped
New 12-03, 17:33
I will be so happy when this damn degree is over with; 12/30/16 cannot come soon enough.
New 11-26, 16:35
Shorty can you come in vent mate plz
New 11-25, 00:50
Happy Thanksgiving everybody
New 11-24, 13:27
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to each and every one of you, have a safe and happy holiday
New 11-24, 10:04
removing origin if we get a server I will try out BF1 until then to hell with EA
New 11-24, 04:25
good to see you in here bruh
New 11-23, 22:50
okay dinos_dead im hooked up.
New 11-20, 12:43
They're only running servers on the east coast and west coast and all east coast servers are already taken.
New 11-20, 12:43
You rent by the day , week, month; set up looks generic; you can limit guns, adjust health i.e. hardcore, and choose game modes.
New 11-19, 23:10
How does that work Tuggin?
New 11-19, 20:10
The rent-a-server function for BF1 is up
New 11-17, 22:21
New 11-17, 22:21
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