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New 11-17, 22:21
New 11-11, 21:17
Updated to beta preview and put a ticket in over 4 hours ago guess going to have to change back to reg till hopefully tomorrow they will get the issue fixed
New 11-11, 20:07
server is updated to beta preview but not showing in list ticket is put in but they are taking forever
New 11-11, 16:34
New 11-09, 21:30
what thread
New 11-09, 20:35
doom is up for grabs folks read the thread win an copy of doom
New 11-05, 01:43
nice to see some logging in tho
New 11-05, 01:43
Some need to get in vent not just on the site lol
New 10-29, 21:08
I need to upgrade my PC anyway so i might as well do it that will let me play BF1
New 10-29, 17:16
would need to upgrade my pc to play BF1, have not seen anything that would warant spending that amount of cash to play it
New 10-29, 07:21
Wonder how hard It would be to fix a plugin for this to auto ban the email users automatically.
New 10-26, 19:31
New 10-25, 16:16
First kill of the game took tags so liking it a lil better anyway
New 10-25, 01:02
BF1 is great fatboy, loving it a lot
New 10-24, 15:53
I think I figured out the knife part but shit too much like COD on TDM anyway
New 10-23, 10:37
wasted money on that game spawned in and no damn knife so wont be playing bf1
New 10-22, 13:25
still havent tried it yet myself trouble focusing lately
New 10-21, 18:27
How is BF1?
New 10-17, 21:09
1 hour 50 min. let the count down begin for BF1
New 10-14, 07:30
been getting up too early here so havent been on very late lately need to re adjust my sleeping habbits.
New 10-14, 00:57
DL time for BF1 tomorrow
New 10-14, 00:56
shoobie if no one is there, someone will be along. no worries to that my friend
New 10-13, 21:47
i will be if anyone else
New 10-13, 21:46
hey guys just popping by to say whats up. was gonna hop on vent but nobodies in there lol.
New 10-13, 21:27
funny tuggin lol
New 10-12, 21:34
Sweet; long time no see sugar nipples
New 10-12, 21:32
im here just been with out a pc for awhile will be back on Friday
New 10-09, 15:51
reinstalling server to hopefully fix issues
New 10-09, 12:02
power outage and minor generator issues mainly here
New 10-08, 23:35
hope nothing too bad happened your way shorty
New 10-08, 16:36
finally got power back
New 10-08, 13:58
New 10-06, 20:10
Matthew needs to go back to where he came from tired of gettin this wet
New 10-05, 22:40
Unknown EA hasn't released any information on Server Hosting. It appears they may be pulling a Battlefront on us again.
New 10-05, 18:42
Hey yall, LTNS. Yall gonna have BF1 servers?
New 10-05, 15:57
Need a longboard the way it looks.....
New 09-28, 23:45
im on vent if anyone want to talk
New 09-27, 20:48
when is gun going to get into vent?
New 09-11, 13:35
Tired of these noobs ruining rounds under lvl 5 is subject to be kicked
New 09-04, 22:06
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