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New 06-20, 19:36
Special thanks to Shorty for fixing the KF2 servers!
New 06-18, 21:36
Happy Father's Day to yall
New 06-18, 15:32
New 06-14, 20:59
send via paypal to
New 06-14, 19:14
in 3 or 4 weeks i need to know where to put 50 bucks for the clan
New 06-13, 20:32
i will be on vent all night long
New 06-10, 17:43
New 06-10, 16:23
New 06-10, 16:12
heyy everyone how are u guys doing
New 06-07, 14:51
i will be on tonight after the NBA finals tonight if anyone want to game and talk
New 06-07, 14:50
i do care dino i been going on vent seeing if anyone has been on
New 06-07, 14:49
New 05-27, 00:10
I do, just haven't been on the site this past week
New 05-26, 22:10
I am one whom does
New 05-26, 22:08
Does anyone give a shit about )BIG( anymore?
New 05-10, 15:56
pc finally back up I think anyway
New 04-16, 23:38
Happy Easter Yall, and the new KF2 server is up!
New 04-16, 19:44
hoping to have the other server going shortly loading maps now
New 04-16, 19:44
happy easter
New 04-16, 13:47
New 04-04, 19:20
New 04-04, 17:33
It went throuigh
New 04-04, 15:54
just tried donating some cash hope it went through
New 03-31, 19:33
been having issues this week myself havent been on much at all
New 03-31, 02:22
i am not home till after 5pm arizona time most of the time
New 03-30, 16:59
Nobodies been on vent the past few times ive been on bf1. where ya'll at?!
New 03-23, 22:07
Hope someone likes that new kf2 map I think it sucks
New 03-14, 18:43
working on getting mine set up here even if I have to sit on my bed to play
New 03-14, 00:55
the past few weeks been hell guys, trying to get everything done for my office that was my daughter room her and her dog jacked it up bad.
New 03-14, 00:53
we need you here shorty, dont forget we all love ya bro.
New 03-13, 17:14
on laptop maybe will get my pc back up if I can find a place I can have my dog that I can afford not looking good tho
New 02-28, 01:43
actually dont have to claim first so its up
New 02-28, 01:38
BF3 server is set up with procon running will claim and put banner up in the morning was a few in earlier when I was going to do it
New 02-27, 14:51
I'll probably donate some when I get home later
New 02-27, 14:49
A couple weeks I guess lol says by the 10th but who know
New 02-27, 00:47
The Donate botton is fixed and can donate to the ]BIG[ account now. Please do donate We do not operate on hopes and dreams.
New 02-27, 00:32
how long before you get your PC?
New 02-26, 17:55
I'll be getting bf1 for my pc and i got a free copy of wildlands with the pc so those 2 games ill probably be playing a lot when i first get it lol.
New 02-26, 17:54
I got it off of that cyberpowerpc site lol i had already been looking at them for a couple weeks before you posted that link ill post some pictures and the specs of it once i get it in. i probably wont have to buy a new computer for a long time though.
New 02-25, 22:46
what did ya order shoobie?
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