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New 03-30, 16:59
Nobodies been on vent the past few times ive been on bf1. where ya'll at?!
New 02-27, 14:51
I'll probably donate some when I get home later
New 02-27, 14:49
A couple weeks I guess lol says by the 10th but who know
New 02-26, 17:55
I'll be getting bf1 for my pc and i got a free copy of wildlands with the pc so those 2 games ill probably be playing a lot when i first get it lol.
New 02-26, 17:54
I got it off of that cyberpowerpc site lol i had already been looking at them for a couple weeks before you posted that link ill post some pictures and the specs of it once i get it in. i probably wont have to buy a new computer for a long time though.
New 02-24, 11:09
Got my computer ordered I'll be back soon fellas
New 02-22, 11:09
Honestly im not sure lol, ive never really been to tech savy so ill be asking somebody for help or for some advice on what to get or where to do it. Ill have about 3k to spend though.
New 02-21, 15:21
Hey guys, ill most likely be getting a new computer within these next few weeks and ill be able to be on again, my computer i have just cant cut it anymore and cant handle any of these new games lol.
New 01-10, 18:27
If i see ppl on vent ill hop on but i mainly see ppl i dont know lol.
New 12-25, 23:02
Merry christmas guys!
New 10-13, 21:46
hey guys just popping by to say whats up. was gonna hop on vent but nobodies in there lol.
New 05-15, 17:01
Lol wow i see bruce jenner over here hasnt changed one bit lol.
New 05-06, 18:25
so effin hyped for that game, need to get my computer updated sap
New 05-05, 17:13
dont eat that shit bro its a lower grade than dog food.
New 04-11, 11:10
awh man ):
New 03-04, 16:49
division lol
New 03-04, 16:49
oi anyone getting the devision
New 10-29, 12:39
sooo much fun
New 10-29, 12:39
re installing everything on my computer
New 10-29, 12:39
glad to be back
New 10-28, 22:53
sorry guys just got my computer back up and running been a long time
New 06-25, 01:03
i hate you deptacon.... D:
New 06-22, 14:33
I'v been playing destiny on my ps4 tbh lol. computer had been acting funky lately
New 05-29, 01:13
bet you wont touch that button bitch
New 04-24, 01:57
were you quoting a song, or did you intentionally rhyme like that lol.
New 04-13, 01:59
New 04-13, 01:59
New 04-11, 20:58
anybody else get the ranbow six alpha?
New 03-13, 00:08
liquid cocain?
New 03-03, 03:50
loving the stewie quote. lol
New 03-02, 01:28
Im diggin it my friend.


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