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New 04-27, 23:08
Is that No Rain?
New 04-24, 07:33
go check out the pc parts I have for sale.
New 04-24, 07:12
New 04-24, 01:57
were you quoting a song, or did you intentionally rhyme like that lol.
New 04-22, 12:46
All I can say Is that my life is pretty plain, You don't like my point of view, You think that I'm insane
New 04-22, 09:45
cotton candy sweet as gold love to see that........
New 04-14, 23:27
Also for those that play DayZ; Do you want a forum area for maps, how to's an funny finds?
New 04-14, 23:27
I did some site maintenance tonight. Let me know if something is not working.
New 04-13, 08:21
I put in for the beta but havent heard back on it
New 04-13, 01:59
New 04-13, 01:59
New 04-11, 20:58
anybody else get the ranbow six alpha?
New 04-11, 16:20
Hory shit! Angera!
New 04-09, 15:53
with rainbow flag
New 04-09, 15:53
New 04-09, 11:02
What is BIG's COC clan named??? I cannot find
New 04-09, 11:02
Herro everyone
New 04-03, 07:06
Read my post please
New 04-02, 22:08
Don't know who is doing approval , may need to give Joe a call
New 04-02, 21:14
jesus is the juiciest
New 04-02, 21:05
Who is on donation approval duty? We need them approved for the amounts to display.
New 04-02, 19:32
Be back tomorrow; Completing my project final.
New 04-01, 08:26
ps i heart you
New 04-01, 08:25
were good now its there
New 03-29, 17:38
Double XP....lets pop some servers tonight. I will stay idle in one until I get back from dinner
New 03-29, 13:40
Thank You for your donation Deptacon
New 03-29, 00:18
Thank you Ctrl for your donation
New 03-28, 22:34
jesus juice, shoot me a screenshot of your homepage
New 03-27, 17:55
Is anyone else not seeing it?
New 03-27, 17:54
It's there for me
New 03-27, 07:24
donate button lost forever...
New 03-26, 22:50
my interent has acted wierd a few times.
New 03-26, 21:56
Haven't noticed anything out of the norm
New 03-26, 20:45
Has anyone in the U.S. been seeing cell/Internet disruption? The solar storm has been playing hell here in Brazil this week
New 03-25, 21:40
Check out our Giveaway post and Register to Win
New 03-24, 13:03
It was pretty fun last night
New 03-23, 22:32
New Hardline Server. ]BIG[ Car Jack 24/7 Hotwire
New 03-23, 12:43
tell em Dep. I demand blood.
New 03-23, 11:17
I leave you guys unsupervised for 3 days and the servers are empty.....-5 points for all of you.
New 03-23, 07:32
mmmmmmm spoon me like we're in the drawer....but no forking
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