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    How To Join ]BIG[

    1. Register on our website, then download and install Ventrilo. Link to get Ventrilo here:

    2. Have your Steam account name ready.

    3. Complete our Membership Application. Once completed it will need to be approved to be seen in the forums. You will not be able to see it after completing it until it is approved.

    4. A Recruit Adviser will either give the go ahead for your interview or deny it in your application thread. Please, check your application thread regularly for instructions. Your application, once completed, will be placed here.

    5. Come into TeamSpeak and find an admin to conduct your interview. Our TeamSpeak information can be found on the right hand side of our Home page.

    6. After your initial interview the Recruit Adviser may instruct you to put on the ]big[ recruit tags.

    7. Introduce yourself in the forums and come into TS3 as often as possible.

    8. Play in our servers and get to know our members. It is in your best interest to be very active and visible on TeamSpeak if you want the best chance of getting into the clan. Once you meet the requirements to become a member, you will be evaluated and either accepted as a member or given more time as a recruit to get to know us better.

    Thank you for your interest in joining ]BIG[!
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